Witches, Cats and Kimonos

Witches, Cats and Kimonos is my most personal collection to date. Following years of splitting my time between commercial design and art, I had the opportunity to focus on art full-time. But after spending so many years working for other people, who was I and what did I want to say? 

What I was eager to do was get out from behind a desk and start walking outside. The nature is San Francisco and the Bay Area is phenomenal. Daily walks brought about a deeper appreciation for the natural world, as well as a profound feeling of well-being that verged on the spiritual. I began delving into practices like mediation, which combined with my fascination of all things dark and mysterious brought me to explore Wicca. The mindset of trusting my intuition and freeing my imagination felt incredibly empowering. Gaining knowledge of the natural world, from plants and animals to the cycles of the moon and times of year excited a creative force in me. I’ve always thought of art as an act of magic or divination. Like casting a spell, energy, love and focus is poured into the object created.

I don’t think about the witches in my art as the stereotypical pointy hat and broomstick type, even though I love that style. They are powerful female archetypes who love and protect nature. I also think of them as goddesses, spirits, nymphs, and elementals. I’ve appropriated the Christian halo to emphasize divinity of both the female figure and the cat. The cat is omnipresent in this collection because of my love of cats and how I’ve made a conscious decision to always have a cat in my life. The woman and the cat are partners like a witch and her familiar, and they journey through life together. The last word in the title of the series, kimono, does not refer strictly to that garment, even though they are heavily influenced by the Japanese kimono. I dress my women is outfits that reflect their character. The dresses are decorative, but also tell a story incorporating animals, plants, and planets.

With the quickening pace of modern life and a device-dependent society, I hope that my enthusiasm for the natural world resonates with others. Where someone might dismiss all things personal and feminine for lacking gravitas, they find that the feminine is powerful and that there is truth in beauty. I’d love to inspire people to bring a little magic and fun into their lives. Our imagination is an exhilarating release for daily life that can better connect us to ourselves and others.

Through the trifecta of witches, cats and kimonos I have many stories to tell.